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September 12, 2012
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Filing Managers, This One's For You!

The Interstate Compact Shows Significant Gains in 2012

Featured Filer: Suzanne Seay

Every Day I'm Shuffling

What Can The User Admin Role Do For You?

Where in World is Your Filing?

Say Hello to our Newest Little SERFFers

Exchange Plan Management

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SERFF Tips and Tricks

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SERFF Help Desk

The SERFF Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Central Time. Contact the Help Desk at 816-783-8990 or

Timeout for a Helpful Hint

Have you ever been logged out of SERFF and wondered why? The NAIC security policy states that users will be logged out of SERFF after 30 minutes of inactivity. SERFF sends a timeout warning after 25 minutes of inactivity and users have five additional minutes before being logged out of SERFF.

For more information, please contact the SERFF Help Desk at (816) 783-8990 or

SERFF for the Block

Does your financial institution have bank account debit filters in place? If there is a debit block on your bank account, it is important to give your financial institution the NAIC ACH Origination Number. This will lift the debit block and allow incoming NAIC SERFF debits.

For more information, please contact the SERFF Marketing and Implementation team at (816) 783-8787 or

We Value Your Input

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  Filing Managers, This One's For You!

Filing Managers, you asked and we answered.

One of the most frequently suggested enhancements by state and industry Filing Managers is a cleaner and easier-to-manage Message Center. On July 12, 2012, SERFF released SERFF v5.16, which included an enhancement that allows Filing Managers to indicate the users for whom they would like to receive Filing Activity Messages. By default, Filing Managers will continue to receive all messages but can remove users from their list by updating their Message Settings.

To update the Message Settings, click on the Settings tab and then the Message Settings button. To easily modify filing activity messages and user message settings, click on the respective help links at the top of each section.

If you have any questions about this enhancement, please contact the SERFF Help Desk at 816-783-8990 or

  The Interstate Compact Shows Significant Gains in 2012

In 2012, the IIPRC has gotten off to its fastest start ever! Company registrations and filings have far exceeded last year, while filing turnaround times have decreased over this same time. By the end of April, 128 companies had registered to file with the IIPRC, an increase of 22%. The number of products received is quickly approaching 200 compared to the 100 received last year. At the end of April 2011, the average review time was more than 45 days. Thanks to the additional product reviewer resources hired during 2011, the average review time is now an average of 23 days.

The IIPRC has also reconstituted the Focus Group to provide feedback and input into the continued improvement of the operations and filing process. The Group has overwhelmingly indicated how filing through the IIPRC has transformed the way companies are doing business, and how the implementation of Uniform Standards, filing review and process have streamlined the time and cost of filing preparation and product rollouts.

The number of Compacting jurisdictions is now at 41. The IIPRC will continue to work with each remaining jurisdiction to support their consideration of IIPRC membership. For more information, visit or call (202) 471-3962 and find out how easy it is to get started filing through the IIPRC.

  Featured Filer: Suzanne Seay

Say hello to Suzanne Seay, a consultant and analyst with Currin Compliance Services. Suzanne has been submitting filings through SERFF for five years on behalf of a variety of insurers and says she is one happy SERFFer.

Suzanne's favorite SERFF feature is the Clone Filing functionality, as it is a huge asset to anyone who needs to submit a SERFF filing within a short time.

Suzanne says she often sings the praises of the SERFF Help Desk to her colleagues at Currin Compliance. "The Help Desk always knows what I'm talking about," Suzanne said. "And they really respond!"

Suzanne and her partner live on a farm and have two sons, Henry (11) and Charlie (9). The family raises chickens as a hobby. In her free time, Suzanne plays tennis and makes cards for friends and family. Thanks for being a loyal SERFFer, Suzanne!

Do you want to be our next "Featured SERFFer"? Send an email to the SERFF Marketing team at and tell us how much you love SERFF. You could be featured in an upcoming issue of The Insider!

  Every Day I'm Shuffling

Recently the SERFF team experienced an employee shuffle. Laura Jackson and Lacey Seemann, formerly members of the Help Desk, recently moved to the Marketing and Implementation team.

Laura began her career at the NAIC as a Help Desk intern in February 2011 and Lacey has been with the NAIC as a Customer Support Analyst since August 2007. Laura and Lacey joined the Marketing and Implementation team in April 2012. In their new positions, they implement SERFF customers, present tutorials and much more!

Laura is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri - Kansas City with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies and has started working toward her MBA. She recently returned from a whirlwind trip to London and Ireland as part of an international business class and said the experience helped her learn how different businesses operate outside of the United States.

Lacey graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. When Lacey is not taking care of her two young daughters she enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends and, of course, cheering on the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

Congratulations on your new positions, Laura and Lacey!

  What Can The User Admin Role Do For You?

Two of the most commonly asked questions that the SERFF Help Desk encounters are, "How do I add a user?" and "How do I change my user roles?"

Each instance should have at least one user with the User Admin role, which gives them the ability to add, modify and deactivate users in SERFF. When needing to make changes to a user, the User Admin should click on "Settings" and then "Request New User," "Request User Update" or "Request User Deactivate." These links take you to forms that provide all of the necessary information we need to make changes to your users.

Typically, user requests are completed within one business day of receiving the request. For more information, please contact the SERFF Help Desk at (816) 783-8990 or

  Where in the World is Your Filing?

SERFF offers two levels of search for the state and industry - a Tracking Number search and an Advanced Search.

The Tracking Number search allows users to enter a SERFF Tracking Number, State Tracking Number or Company Tracking Number in the tracking number field. Once the number is entered, users can click Search and SERFF will display the filing that matches the tracking number entered. Users may also enter a partial Tracking Number and an asterisk and SERFF will display all filings that match the data entered.

Advanced Search allows users to enter information in various criteria fields. To initiate an Advanced Search, users should click on the Filings tab and then the Search link. Once clicked, Advanced Search will display a variety of criteria, such as Submission Date, SERFF Status and Company Name. Every field is optional, but at least one field needs to be completed before running the search.

The next time you need to find a filing, explore the SERFF search functionalities. If you have any questions on searching filings, please contact the SERFF Help Desk at (816) 783-8990 or

  Say Hello to our Newest Little SERFFers

Say hello to SERFF's newest additions, Eloise Seemann and Jackson Franz. Eloise, daughter of Lacey Seemann, Product Specialist I, was born on April 19, 2012, and Jackson, son of Jennifer Franz, Product Specialist II, was born on May 12, 2012.

Lacey and Jennifer bring Eloise and Jackson to work every day, thanks to the NAIC's Babies in the Workplace program. In addition to providing cuddles and coos to the SERFF team, they bring smiles to the faces of our SERFF customers.

When Eloise is not at work with Lacey, she likes to practice singing opera, wiggling in her bouncer and being best friends with her older sister Clara. In his free time, Jackson enjoys eating every two hours, pulling his older sister Emily's hair and grunting until he gets his way.

Thanks for making our days a little brighter, Eloise and Jackson!

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