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As stated in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 1321(c)(1)(B), beginning January 1, 2014, states must provide consumers who do not have employer-provided insurance the ability to purchase insurance through an Affordable Insurance Exchange.

For more information regarding the health care law, please go to

Please check back frequently for updates regarding SERFF’s role in the Plan Management component of Affordable Insurance Exchanges. 


On-Demand Tutorials

Partnering with the SERFF Team, NAIC Education and Training has recorded Plan Management training for our Industry and State users. This training is geared toward new users, but individuals who have used SERFF Plan Management in past years may attend as a refresher if desired, as it is very similar to what was offered in prior years.

The trainings are presented by knowledgeable NAIC staff with over 11 years of experience in training SERFF to all users.

To watch the recorded presentation, please click on the following link, as appropriate:

Industry Training

State Training



LAST UPDATED: 3/06/2024

You can find the 2025 Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Application Instructions, Templates and Materials on the CCIIO website or by clicking the following link: